Friday, June 30, 2006

Another one bites the dust!

Borg has assimilated another! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

My sister, who has been following my blog, is now starting her own. She put her first post up last night. I can't wait to see what she does in the future, since she is a very creative person. She sing, plays guitar, writes poetry, paints and even used to write short stories. She hasn't done anything very creative in a while (I don't mean that in a bad way, I just mean she hasn't kept up with her hobbies lately) so it will be neat to read her blog. Please stop by and visit her! I have her on my links bar.

Now I have to get the other five doing it! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Except one sister is very computer savvy, the other can sort of do a few things (like E-mail and surf) one brother has three jobs and is a cop and would NEVER post stuff online and the other two, well, let's just say that they are more myspace material.

We are off for the weekend, heading to our paradise (family cabin) for a weekend of R&R. HA! I made a funny! R&R with kids! As if!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

I messed up on posts, so my Thursday Thirteen is actually on Tuesday, two below this one. Don't miss it! It is a true original! HA!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

This is Lake Erie, I mean, my backyard. After five straight days of rain, and several before that, we end up with plenty of standing water to allow the mosquitos to regenerate. With this humidity, it is more like the Everglades...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thirteen Reasons Marj Maintains a Blog

  1. All of the other kids do it.
  2. It is a geeky thing to do, and geek is chic!
  3. I find it therapeutic, almost like keeping a diary.
  4. It gives me a creative outlet.
  5. Blogging is a nice distraction from what is going on around me. Which is ALOT.
  6. I feel empowered to be able to tell my story in my own words.
  7. So that my IRL friends can keep up with my inner-most thoughts when they can't see me, and so I don't have to post it all on flying-in-PA-Delco.
  8. I like 'puters and this is just another way to sit in front of one.
  9. I am hoping to be discovered and become a famous Hollywood Writer.
  10. I am trying to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  11. It is good practice for playing the piano. The more I type, the better fine-motor coordination I develop, the better I can play more difficult pieces.
  12. I am hoping someone Googles "Baby Ax Murder Bug collection Autism" and finds my site.
  13. Tens of people are counting on me for inspiration and entertainment and therefore read my blog with an avid desire.

Dr. Destructo

My Sister's husband has a pet name for Bugaboo, "Dr. Destructo."

Bugaboo has this habit of swirling around the house (or anyone's house, for that matter) like a tornado and destroying anything and everything in his path. A few weeks ago it was glasses he decided to fling on the floor. You know, drinking glasses? Before that he pushed out every screen that he could find. Then there was the CD drive in our relatively new computer. And now the little door that covers the drive to keep dirt and little fingers out.

Bugaboo also likes to close doors. No, make that, SLAM doors. He is particularly fond of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. A month ago he began the annoying habit of parking himself on the floor in front of the cabinet and slamming the doors with his feet. When we ask him to stop and redirect him, he goes to the bathroom. Then he goes to the other bathroom. Then back to the kitchen. In order to curb the door-slamming we bought magnetic door locks (which we had in our former abode), which have sat in a bag in the basement for the past month. I have asked Darling to put them on, oh, at least one hundred times.

So, the locks still aren't on. Bugaboo cracked the wood on the kitchen door last night. When Darling got angry I reminded him that Bugaboo can't help it, he is still learning, and Darling should have put the locks on a month ago. Grumble, grumble. So he goes to the basement, gets the locks, starts taking the door apart, gets side-tracked in the basement and spent the rest of the night bolting the laundry tub to the floor, because the agitation of the washer moved the tub and made water spill all over the floor. So the doors still don't have locks on them.

Now, we have baby gates, door alarms, door-knob covers, plastic outlet covers, a fireplace lock, door locks (the one that goes on the handle and holds the handles together) and cabinet locks. But the kitchen has no knobs so the only lock we could use is the magnetic lock. I don't like those little plastic ones that go on the inside of the door, we used to have them and they can STILL open the doors about 1/2 and inch and slam them, and their little fingers.

I am praying that DH will get the locks done tonight. My sanity depends on it.

And, if I knew where the heck he hid his drill, I would have put them on MYSELF!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Summer Camp started today!

I can barely contain the excitement I feel! Summer Camp, for both boys, started today!!! WAHHHOOOO!!!! Wait, wait, hear that? No? That's 'cause there is NO NOISE and I am by myself, able to think, eat, drink, pee without interruption for FIVE HOURS!!!

I feel a little guilty being this excited about it. I honestly do think I've earned the little break. And the kids are getting quite a bit out of it, since it is a T-camp (Therapeutic Camp) which provides them socialization, sensory opportunities and just all around fun. The counselors are dedicated and caring (young 20-something girls fresh outta college, in some respects) and experienced. The boys love, LOVE them. Especially the red-heads. Bugaboo tends to find the first red-head and hugs away!

I decided this morning that I would like to take advantage of the transportation after all. I think driving them and picking them up each day eats up time and money. Especially since it is FREE. Free for me, anyway. But I indirectly pay for it as a taxpayer.

I had about 50 things planned. I got done one thing so far. Or, a half or one thing. I will be more proactive tomorrow. Right now I am just enjoying being able to sit and not hear something break or worry about food being thrown on the floor or worrying about a child escaping into the backyard without supervision. Ahhhh...Calgon, take me away!

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Amazing Bug Boy

Bug Boy is one amazing kid. And I am not just saying that because I am his mother (although I am a tad biased in that respect). He is five, very precocious and full of energy. He was a late talker by developmental standards and didn't babble or even say one word until two-and-a-half, when he spoke in COMPLETE sentences and paragraphs. He was articulate and rarely mispronounced anything, although we have a list of "bug boy-isms" such as:
  • Gutchy (yucky)
  • An-too-blantz (ambulance)
  • suh-pa-ghetti (spaghetti)
  • Hop-sit-all
  • Dro-dro (Alyson, we are still scratching our heads about this one!)

And he didn't just say one or two things. This child was not reticent by ANY means of the word. He never stopped. Ever. Not for a minute. He narrated everything he saw and did. His speech was an endless stream of his thoughts, and he did not keep his thoughts hidden inside! Here is an example of a conversation with Bug Boy:

BB: Mom! Did you see that? That was a jeep! Daddy has a jeep! A CJ-7! That was NOT a CJ-7 'cause they don't make 'em anymore. That was a bad jeep. Daddy doesn't have a bad jeep. His is black. That jeep was not black. That jeep was red! You know who has a red car? Gammy! And so does Pop-Pop! And Uncle John has the same car as Pop-Pop. They have broncos. Uncle Jay had a bronco. I saw a bronco right there! Look!

Mommy: Uh-huh...

Yes. The conversation goes just like that. He jumps from one subject to the next. And it is all. one. breath. No stopping, and it is faster than a speed talker.

Early on we gave him the nickname of "Rain Man" because the kid sounds like Dustin Hoffman rocking on the porch getting upset about People's Court. And Bug Boy does get that upset about things when they don't go his way or he is late or thinks he has to do something.

We have since realized that is not an appropriate moniker, mostly because now both boys have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum disorder. Bugaboo was diagnosed with Autism and Bug Boy was diagnosed with Asperger's/PDD, depending on whom you ask. And here is the freakiest thing about it: I have a few nephews, all from my three sisters, that have VERY similar traits. One has a diagnosis of Asperger's, one most likely has PDD (Bug Boy's twin) but is doing VERY well, and the other we are certain has Autism, although his mother refuses to have him evaluated because "psychologists and doctors are quacks." And, we are holding our collective breaths on the baby, he turns one in July and I am PRAYING his pattern doesn't follow the others. But so far it has.

And the amazing part? He is one smart cookie. He may not get the pragmatics of language but he can memorize everything he sees and hears. And he never forgets, the little elephant. He is hyperlexic (affinity for letters) and is reading on a first grade level. And we didn't teach him, he just "gets it" on his own. Weird! At the age of two, just after he learned to talk, he'd point to a stop sign and say, "That's a red octagon! And it says S-T-O-P! STOP!" It astounded everyone around us. And now when he goes to the Red Bulls Eye Store he gets into conversations with the cashiers and others shopping around us and tells them his whole life story (which is a bit unnerving!):

BB: My name is Bug Boy middle name last name andI live at 123 Main Street in Anytown, Pennsyl-VAN-ia and my mom's name is M-j and my Dad's name is Darling and my brother's name is Bugaboo and I have a dog named Shadow. I go to school at XYZ preschool and I am in Mrs. Teacher's class and next year I will be in Kindergarten! Because I don't know my teacher's name yet because I went to visit the school and I really like it. I will have OT. I like OT, it is really fun!

Person is store: Uh huh...

People think it is cute, but it is REALLY dangerous. Which is why he won't learn his SS number or my credit card number. Ever.

I will leave you with one final conversation between Bug Boy and his 'twin' cousin, Dino Boy:

BB: Hey! Dino Boy! Let's play crash-up derby with my Nascars! Here is the track, it is a Bristol Night Race. Jeff Gordon crashed and Tony Stewart's engine blew up. "Oh no! I blew my engine up (Tony Stewart voice with car)" "Oh! I am going to crash into Robbie Gordon! Hey guys, I'm gonna win 'cause I'm DaleEarnhardtJunior and my Dad is DaleSenior!"

DB: (in dinosaur voice) Roar! I am a veloceraptor and I am going to shred you to bits! ROOOAAARRR!!!! (stomps around room like a dinosaur. For an hour.) Roar! Here comes T. Rex and he is going to save the day! Go T. Rex, GOOOOO!!!!

BB: Ok, here they come around turn two and Dale Jr. is in the lead! But wait! Here comes Kyle Petty (very unlikely, btw) for the win! And it's the Petty Car! WOOHOO!!!

DB: And the dinosaurs crash into the track and eat everybody! Except for the plant eaters, they eat the plants! Roar! ROOOOAAAARRR!!! (stomps around the room for another hour.)

BB: Crash! Crash! CRASH! Now it's a demolition derby and everybody crashed! The cars are all blowing up! There's a fire! WOOHOO!

DB: ROOOOAAAARRR! The dinosaur is going to eat the other dinosaur!! ROOAORRR!!! (stomps around some more).

Yes. That is an almost word-for-word transcription of an actual play date with Dino Boy and Bug Boy. They have two completely different conversations and somehow understand what each other is saying. It is a SCREAM to watch, so if you need some comedy relief, feel free to observe one of their sleepovers or playdates!

*** sorry for the violent portrayal of the boys and their play, but they are a little preoccupied with crashing and eating right now!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I want to accomplish when the kids are at camp this summer!
  1. apply joint compound and sand (several times)
  2. paint Halls, LR, DR and Kitchen
  3. declutter my house
  4. get the last of the boxes out of the attic and go through them!
  5. Gardening
  6. Work out!
  7. Paint Bugaboo's room
  8. Make curtains for Bug Boy's room
  9. Go out to breakfast with a friend I rarely see
  10. Play the piano without interruption
  11. Learn to photoshop
  12. Go through the toys in the playroom and purge
  13. Listen to the silence

They won't be gone all summer, just six weeks. Bugaboo has school in between (he goes year-round). But still, it will be nice! And, the best part is that the camp is F-R-E-E! Covered under the mental health portion of their insurance and is part of their wrap-around services for autism services. So, sometimes the system works in our favor. Sometimes...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I saw this on a few other blogs and love the idea of Mommas sharing their little tidbits to help one another. So, here is my little example of what "works for me:"

My kids love arts and crafts and need tons of sensory. They also love water. So, when the weather is warm and they wanna be outside and want to do something with their hands, I give them buckets of water and dollar-store paint brushes. House-paint-sized brushes. They go to town on the fence, garage, swingset, deck, toys, fence, dog house, you name it. It is even more fun when I let them have the sidewalk chalk first and THEN give them the paint brushes. OOOOOOooooo, swirly colors! They love doing this.

Have fun!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ode to my Shad Roe

Spoiled doggie in her very own swimming pool!

Spoiled doggie suns herself to dry off before jumping in AGAIN.

Shadow never complains! She puts up with all of the kids' antics. They lay on her, stand on her, sit on her, pull her hair, feed her an assortment of edibles and non-edibles and tease her and she still comes back happily asking for kisses and belly rubs. She may be pampered and spoiled (and high-energy and a spaz) but she fits in well around here!

Shadow acts like she is starving on a daily basis (eighty pounds, at last visit!). She eats anything, and I mean ANYTHING. Her favorite foods are watermelon and carrots. And bones, but we try not to give her any. Sometimes she gets them on her own (i.e. out of the trash) and in the middle of the night leaves me a little regurgitated gift at the bottom of the stairs. Her middle name is Hoover, since she cleans up after the kids and I don't have to sweep often!

We got Shadow six-and-a-half years ago at the SPCA. She was a sick eight-wee-old puppy, the runt of a litter of ten. They told us she was a shepard mix and would grow to be forty pounds, which she surpassed at six months. Two other dogs from her litter were adopted near our home and we have met her brother and sister. She is twice their size! Turns out she is a Border Collie and Black Lab mix and she inherited her size and bulk from the lab while proudly showing off her border collie coat and play skills. And yes, she herds the children. And the squirrels, rabbits and birds that are brave enough to show up in our yard!

Shadow will jump in a puddle and swim in a lake. She has her own baby pool because she hogs the water from the kids. When we take her upstate she will swim across the lake and back and wade in the deep mountain creeks. But she does not appreciate getting baths. If we mention the words "bath," "stink" or "dirty" to her, she runs and hides.

She is so smart we have to spell certain words around her, but she now knows that W-A-L-K means walk and gets very excited and runs to the door. It took less than a week to house train her, by the second day she had no accidents in the house. She learned several "stupid pet" tricks but can't catch a ball or Frisbee since she has eye problems. She does NOT walk well on a leash since she is trying to herd everything the entire time and must walk in a complete square. You cannot walk any other way, she can't handle the anxiety.

Yeah, she's spoiled. And we feed into it. We had her long before the kids, our first baby. She sleeps on our bed, climbs on the couch with us and cuddles in the winter in front of the fireplace to keep warm. She was so sick when we got her (three kinds of worms, mange, ear mites, ticks AND fleas - in January!) and so malnourished, you'd never know it by looking at her beautiful shiny coat now!

Shad Roe - wonder pet extraordinaire!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Morbid curiosity?

For some strange reason whenever I pick up a newspaper (rare these days) or read the news, the first thing I turn to is the obituaries. I have done this since I was ten years old and had my first paper route. I'd crawl up to the paper delivery site ( a friend's house at the top of a VERY steep hill) at 5 am, open up the bundle and count out my papers, fold them in that special paperboy way and then sit and read...The obits.

I cannot even tell you where it comes from. I just want to know about people. I want to read about the wives, their offspring, how many grandchildren they doted on before they passed. Usually if you I that the request memorial contributions to the heart association or cancer society or hospice, I can pretty much guess how they died. I have a lump in my throat whenever I read them, especially if a young person or child pass. It must be a terrible heartache to have to live through the death of your child.

No matter where we go in the country to visit relatives I pick up that paper and read the obits. This is going to sound really macabre, but the best obits are in Salt Lake City. That's right, the Mormon Mecca (LDS, as they prefer). Those people know how to live. And die. Their obits are interesting! Their entire life story is printed. The obits have their own special section, not just tucked in behind the classifieds. It is almost like reading a mini autobiography or a short story.

I know it is a weird obsession. I am not proud of it. But through the blogger twelve step program I am learning to admit my downfalls and work through them. This blog stuff is extremely therapeutic.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Marj's list of thirteen things she is stuggling with right now

  1. I cannot understand why Bugaboo won't eat. He has to eat to survive, and he only eats toast and rice crackers. It gets worse every month. And the feeding clinic says he is getting enough to survive!
  2. I wish Darling was not so stressed about work. He is constantly consumed with the though of losing his job and not being able to support this family. He is also obsessed with money and goes to major extremes to save it, unless it is something for his jeep or garage. Grrrr...
  3. I am having some healthy problems that make me tired, sluggish, irritable and all of the above. Add in the numbness and altered sensations and it makes it very tough to deal with. As my IRL friends can testify, I am a very active person with tons of energy! This isn't right! Perhaps God's way of saying, "SLOW THE HECK DOWN!"
  4. the system to get decent services for your kids SUCKS. I shouldn't have to fight this hard to get them the MINIMAL. It just isn't fair. They should have it given to them automatically! I should have to prove how badly they need it!
  5. I want to go back to work. Soon. The sooner the better. But I literally do not have time, between therapies and doctor appointments. No one in their right mind would hire me, since I'd have to take every other day off.
  6. When I do go back to work, I don't think I want to be a teacher anymore. At least, not of kids with special needs. I think I'd burn out too fast! My degree is in Special Education, my student teaching was with kids with Autism! I can't do this 24 hours a day. Darling is not amused, especially since we still have 2 years of a student loan to pay.
  7. Finances. I try to budget, save money, not impulse buy. But I am a very impulsive person. It is the main reason I never, EVER carry cash. I'd spend it in a second. Credit cards are easy to pull out, but lately I have been using Debit, and that makes it easier for me to be more responsible, since there is only so much money in there!
  8. Bugaboo. I am frustrated, he is frustrated. The whole family is frustrated. His lack of willingness to communicate is really taking its toll. I am trying to patient, but he just flat out REFUSES. There is quite a bit of crying, whining, tantrums, hand-biting, etc.
  9. Bug Boy. His anxiety level has been much higher as of late. He knows that he is starting a new school and will have new friends and a new teacher. He has had the same preK teacher for two years and is very anxious about the new one, even though he REALLY wants to go to Kindergarten NOW. He loves school!
  10. The dog. I feel like I am neglecting her, and of course she is milking it for all it is worth. I rarely walk her more than 2 days a week these days. Thank goodness we have a large yard. She spends her days chasing squirrels and running around with the dogs next door. I try to spend some time each day exercising her in the yard.
  11. My parents. They are in outer space, and that is putting it mildly. My mom hasn't really been all there for about 20 years. Well, her whole life. She had some major issues as a kid, is Bi-Polar and is very difficult to deal with. I have never felt like she was my mom. My sisters and I have a very strong bond and I think it is because we don't' really have a mom, so we rely on each other for that emotional support. I am glad that I have my sisters!
  12. Depression. I have had it since I was a kid. I know Bug Boy is starting to show signs of it, and it terrifies me. It runs in the family. I have a brother who is also bi-polar. I was not diagnosed with it, but they said I can have manic episodes (like 4 hour cleaning binges at midnight). Uh, I know! I have tried several treatments, including counseling and meds (don't' like meds, so I don't take them). Know what works? Exercise! It is one of the few things that gets me out of it. But I have been struggling to find the time to do it!
  13. Time management. I need 26 hour days and 8 day weeks. Come to think of it, I could use 48 hour days. Yeah, and sleep for 40 of them. That would help. But seriously, I am chronically running late these days and I used to be late for EVERYTHING. I think we just have WAY too much going on! And I am considering adding more OT for the boys! ACK! What am I thinking?

I think everyone runs ragged and everyone has stress in their lives. Dealing with it is the key. I think I am struggling because I haven't been to the Y in two weeks and now Aunt Flo is here to make my day. So, the hormones are no doubt the issue. Ask me again in three days, I will be singing a different tune!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wordless Wednesday - Doggie Condo

Doggie Condo, handmade by Darling for the Shad Roe.
She rarely goes in it and prefers to camp out NEXT to the doghouse.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rock bottom and back up again

This crazy little world I live in is like the longest roller coaster ride. EVER. I mean, it goes up and down and around, and back upside down, up the hill, down the hill. Sometimes it stops. And just when I think the ride is over, and it is slowing down, I go back up the hill and brace myself for the very long drop ahead.

The past two weeks have been hectic at best, and depressing at worst. My SIL was here with her son for a visit. It was supposed to be a relaxing 10 days, some fun trips to the zoo or museums, about twenty trips to the park up the street. But, we all ended up with a stomach bug. It went through every single one of us, every two days. Bugaboo ended up in the emergency room, and they should have kept him a few days, since he doesn't cooperate with eating and drinking. But they sent him home and it took over a week to get him back to eating and drinking normally. Or at least normally for him.

Then my nephew ended up in the ER, and he stayed for THREE days. He was in bad shape. Then he stayed home a day and ended up in the ER again, dehydrated. The last two days they were with us we spent at home with cranky kids. Not fun.

The day we took them to their new home in Jersey was the worst day I have had in recent memory. It started like a typical day: kids running around, hungry, adults need their coffee before dealing, cartoons on for a diversion. I made a breakfast of SOS (creamed chipped beef) and home fries. We sat to eat but bugaboo was not cooperative. He cried. He screamed. He threw a tantrum. He wouldn't eat anything but toast. And then Darling started in on his issues and how "we have to do something about this" which means, "you aren't doing enough to change this situation."

I guess I felt attacked. I mean, I am completely consumed with this kid and his issues. Both kids, to be precise. I spend my days filling out paperwork, driving to therapy, going to doctor's, and once in a while a playdate. I'd like more playdates. At least I would get to talk to an adult! But, I am doing the best I can.

It was so frustrating. We were trying to force Bugaboo to eat something and I just couldn't do it. He screamed and cried. I cried. Darling looked like he was about to cry. All of this happening while my perfect two-year-old cutie of a nephew was sitting and eating and chatting away to his Momma. It was breaking my heart. I love being around him, but it was KILLING me that day.

So, After Darling and I had a small tiff about the typical autism-related stuff, I took Bugaboo up to his room and curled up in a ball on his bed while he played and read books. He kept coming over to me and kissing me (rare!) and hugging me. He clearly knew I was upset. After about an hour of me in a coma, Darling came upstairs. He and his sister had talked. She knows we are having a rough time and decided she wanted to go to her new place a day early to give us some space. I felt like a gigantic moron because I made her feel uncomfortable. But, we cleared things up, changed our plans for the day and helped her pack.

I was supposed to go to a cousin's party (sort of a family reunion, but just cousins, which is about 37 people and their kids and spouses, etc.) and see my family, leaving Bugaboo behind with Darling but taking Bug Boy to run and play with his cousins. But I could not stand to be around anyone that day. The last thing I wanted to do was to go to a HUGE family gathering (100+ it turns out) and watch everyone else's perfect three-year-olds playing, talking, hugging and kissing. I couldn't listen to my cousin's two-year-old premie giggling and saying, "Mama!" over and over. It was physically too painful. I called my sisters and they were kind enough to stretch the stomach virus excuse out so that they didn't have to tell everyone I was too depressed to be there.

After driving Darling's sister and Nephew to the shore, we decided to take advantage of the day and drive over the bridge to Ocean City. It was a GORGEOUS cool day, jackets necessary. My kind of weather! We walked on the board walk, had Pizza and fries, took the kids on a few rides. Just what we needed, some family fun! And, it was the prescription we all needed, a low-stress family outing with no real time-table, no one to call, no appointment to rush home for. We didn't even think about bedtimes or medicines or anything. We just concentrated on having fun with the kids. While Darling took Bug Boy on the go-karts and played mini-golf (not Bugaboo friendly) I walked along the boardwalk with Bugaboo pointing out the ocean, the sand, things we saw in stores. Then we all headed to the amusement rides, which Bugaboo normally doesn't enjoy. It is too loud, too busy, too much stimulation. Usually the kind of place I avoid with him. But he seemed so interested in the rides, watching them closely and smiling. Right before we left I took a chance and got tickets for the carousel. I figured if he screamed and cried at least it was cheap! So, we got on, I put him on the horse (which he previously FREAKED OUT on) and belted him in. He held on with both hands and smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen. He was ready!

The ride started, the horse pumped up and down and Bugaboo laughed and had a grand time. He only got scared toward the end of the ride and put a Vulcan death grip on my shoulder. Other than that he had a grand time! When we got off he was so relaxed he fell asleep in minutes in the car. Just what he needed. And the best part was that he ate a piece of pizza crust and tried a Curly fry. A large feat for a child who won't even eat a different brand of toast.

So, just like the roller coaster that Bug Boy was too short to ride on, life is up and down and around again. Sorry if it is a bad analogy, but you know that movie, Parenthood? That part when the grandma explains the roller coaster and its comparisons to real life? That really resonates with me now. I didn't quite get it before. But I realize now that I am here for the ride, might as well enjoy it. Except I get a teensy bit motion sick...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I love these crazy memes...

I know, they are so cliche.
But I can't help myself. I am in love with memes. I love answering questions about myself, and don't care if anyone reads it.
Ok, here we go. Read this one on Mom Nancy's blog and have to do it.

1. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your father's side, your favorite candy): Alice Eminem.

2. YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME: (first initial of first name followed by izzle", first two or three letters of your last name followed by "dizzle"):Mizzle Hadizzle.

3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal):Green Elephant.

4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (first 3 letters of your name- last 3 letters of mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's name repeated twice): Martho ShaSha

5. SUPERHERO NAME: ("The", your favorite color, the automobile you drive):Green Sienna

This is some goofy stuff. But fun. For more fun, check out the Amazing Meganame Generator at . Here are some of my aliases from blogthings:

Movie star name: Cheese William
Fashion designer name: Marjorie Amsterdam
Socialite Name: Midge New Orleans
Fly Guy/Girl name: M Hat
Detective Name: Elephant Prendie
Barfly name: Cereal Wine
Soap Opera Name: Linda Tasker
Rock Star Name: M&M Ferrari
Star Wars Name: Marsha Hateri
Punk Rock Band Name: Elated Plunger

Don't ask me why, but I love this stuff! And, if you are really bored, apparently you can come up with your "stripper or porn star" name, by combining your pet's name with your Street name. Which makes me Shadow President.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My thirteen favorite green things that GROW!

  1. that smell in the spring
  2. Roses. Love that smell, too! And so pretty, but so delicate. Don't like thorns, though
  3. Daisies and Susans. Reminds me of my childhood, running through them at Nana's.
  4. Zinnias. Same reason as #3 but at Grandmom's house.
  5. Spirea. A specific one, called called "Bridal-Wreath" used to grow by my house growing up. We'd collect it and make necklaces, bouquets, etc. They are difficult to locate these days, I am determined to have one at my new house!
  6. Peonies. Big, beautiful blooms for far-too-short a time!
  7. Lilacs. Ahhh...that smell....aaahhh....chooooo!!!
  8. Lilies. Remind me that the world is alive...with the sounds of music...just kidding! But seriously, when Lilies bloom, all is right in the world. Can't explain it. Just feel it.
  9. Forget-Me-Nots. I had these for one season at my former humble abode. I miss them, and will be planting them here. That color! I can't believe it exists in nature! So vibrant!
  10. Lily-of-the-valley: cute little blooms, yummy smell when you have the windows open.
  11. Hosta. At my former home I had seven varieties. Brother-in-Law calls it "lettuce" and doesn't get it, but I loved growing it!
  12. Raspberries and Blueberries. Picking them in the mountains was a joy when I was a child. Even more fun was eating them for breakfast! Mom made blueberry pancakes, we try to do this with the kids when we go to the family cabin.
  13. Copper Beech Tree. Don't ask me why, but DH loves this tree. He has to have one, and I plan on getting if for him this year, after I research it better and find out the best time to plant, optimal location in our yard, etc. I think it is romantic that he can point one out whenever we see it. And he is teaching Bug Boy the difference between Deciduous and Evergreen trees and now the different types of trees. Gotta love that!

OF course, this list is in no way complete. Even if it was "Thursday One-Hundred" It would not be complete. I love my green thumb. I miss being out there this year. It just isn't going to happen, so I settled for the consolation prize of a few flats of annuals and the meager offerings from when we first moved in. I plan on MASSIVE bed planning in the fall, followed by tons of bulbs (WOOHOO!) and in the spring I am going to TOWN!

Update: I just did a GIS to find a Spirea to put in here. What i thought was the bridal wreath, or Reeve's spirea, may be somethng else called the Vanhoutte or Arguta. My mother's spirea was a little different. As soon as I get to the bottom of it, I will let y'all know!