Friday, March 31, 2006

I want it that away...

Tell me why! Ain't nothin' but a heartache...Ain't nothing but a mistake.

Ok, sorry, sorry. Got the BSB stuck in my head, Bug Boy LOVES that song. And he sings it. Over. And Over. And Over. ACK!!!! The only thing worse is when he sings the days of the week song.

The weather has been amazing! I love it when they are outside for most of the day, the house is MUCH cleaner. Less to do! WOOHOO! The only problem with spending so much time outside is seasonal allergies. I have had a sinus migraine for 2 days now, and it shows NO signs of stopping. Bug Boy was so miserable today that I gave him a Benedryl and sent him to bed because he wouldn't stop crying. He never came down, I woke him up over an hour later!

Have I mentioned how much I love this weather? The windows are open, the birds are singing, I can hear the whole neighborhood of kids outside playing. It is so pleasant! I hope it lasts. The boys need so much gross motor time, and it is difficult to give it to them inside. We have a trampoline (mini) and exercise balls and other things, but it just doesn't cut it most of the time. They need air, space and grass.

My head is spinning from the pain. I don't know which is worse: The queasy feeling I have had for about a week or the throbbing headache that even makes my teeth and hair hurt. Yuckadoo!!!

Forecast: Foggy, due to an increase in medication.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I PROMISED I would do this once a week, so here I am.
Been a crazy bunch of days, as of late. Appointment after appointment, drive to this therapy and that one. Add in the usual family craziness and you got yerself a whopping-good crazy-as-hell time.
Plus, for good measure, we are throwing in some home improvement. Nothing says, "Fight with yer husband and scream at yer kids" like a good ole fashioned home improvement project.
Not done yet? How about the sickies? Yeah! That's it! Getting sick would REALLY blow this whole thing wide open! YAHOOO!!!
Ok, I am done venting the stress. But seriously, I finally got the reports from the developmental ped, so it is official. Now I can forward them to the appropriate "peeps" (sorry Wil) and we will be kosher.
Ok, been home for 1/2 an hour, must be time to leave for the next therapy!

Forcast: Sunny and bright, beautiful day!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Where the heck have I been?

Ok. This is probably teh worst blog. EVAR.
I started it with the intention of keeping it up. And maintaining it. And spilling my guts on it, therapeutic like.
Aren't I doing a great job?
Somewhere in the shuffle of moving, unpacking, kids starting school, increase in therapy, crazy family dynamics, the blog was forgotten.
My new New Year's resolution (yes, I AM aware it is March. Nearly April!) is to try to post in it once a week. Let's see how we do, shall we? (Doesn't it creep you out when people talk in third person? Hannibal Lector-like.)

Today's forecast: It's @%$& cold in here, dangnabbit! Blame the gas company!