Monday, April 16, 2007



There is a grand conspiracy afoot. Someone told the weather people that Bugaboo is ending his two week break today and decided to forecast this yucky wet storm. And now there is SNOW on the ground, and a two-hour delay to boot. Do y'all have ANY idea how much this messes them up? Autie's don't like changes in their schedules!

To top it off, Bug Boy has literally not ceased using his mouth to make noise since the rooster crowed. I kid you not. If he isn't talking, he's singing. If he isn't singing, he's humming. If he isn't humming he is making sound effects from Star Wars with his mouth. AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

And, I have a long-awaited doctor's appointment at 10, which I now have to bring Bug Boy to. And then hurry so I can drop him right off as soon as it is done, two hours late.

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